Web Development

Web Development Services for Businesses

Darkwater Digital provides a variety of web development, hosting, and management services for clients in the New York Metropolitan area and throughout the United States. We are able to build everything from small micro-sites, to large comprehensive business platforms, and everything in between. We work closely with clients to build digital solutions exactly to their needs, and equally important – stay within their budget.

Some of the popular categories of web development projects that we take on:

Static Websites & Microsite Development

  • Great for very small business websites that are not updated often.
  • Generally low initial development cost, low hosting costs, and low page load times.
  • Difficult for businesses to update content without a developer

WordPress & Other CMS Website Development

  • Great for low-to-medium cost informational business websites that allow the client to update and add content without development expertise.
  • This is generally what most small-to-medium sized businesses use and is the industry standard.
  • WordPress plugins allow a range of functionality to be included for things like geolocation, forms, dynamic media galleries, and more with minimal development cost.

Ruby on Rails Development, Web Applications, and Platforms

  • Well-suited to medium-to-large dynamic business platforms with specific business requirements and logic.
  • Ruby on Rails is very powerful, and able to be customized very heavily to create scalable, dynamic websites and web applications.
  • Some well-known examples of Ruby on Rails websites and platforms include Hulu, Yellow Pages, Groupon, and AirBnb.

Other Custom Web Development

  • For clients with specific needs that cannot be met with our standard services.
  • Java Development, Python Development, and other languages tailored to specific needs.
  • Contact us for more information about our other custom web development services.

Our Approach to Web Development

We like to see our work create tangible value for our business clients, and to help achieve this we strive to make data-driven decisions tailored to our clients’ objectives. Through this, we have helped many businesses grow their online presences and driven more real customers to their businesses through increased organic traffic and search visibility.

We leverage targeted strategies that align with our clients’ objectives when building business websites and platforms to help them get the biggest return on investment quickly and at the lowest cost to them.

Want to learn more? Contact Darkwater Digital to see how we can help your business grow through digital and web solutions. We are experts at identifying digital areas of opportunity for businesses, and capitalizing on them to grow search visibility, traffic, and ultimately customers.